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Published on 28/01/2022

5G HEalth AquacultuRe and Transport validation trials

About the project: Fifth-generation cellular network technology, known as 5G, is vital for Europe to grow its vertical markets – in the fields of healthcare, transportation and food. It will boost job creation and exports. It will also result in improved health outcomes, safer roads and sustainable food production. As such, the EU-funded 5G-HEART project will focus on vital vertical use cases of healthcare, transport and aquaculture. Specifically, the project will validate pillcams for colon cancer screening. In transport, it will validate autonomous, assisted and remote driving and vehicle data services. In the food industry, it will focus on the 5G-transformation of the aquaculture sector. The consortium partners have proven know-how in 5G, vertical applications and prototyping.

WINGS Role: The planned activities in 5G-HEART project will be to consolidate our 5G solutions into a suite capable of providing sensors and microcontrollers; connectivity and edge cloud management (5G, MEC, 4G, LoRa/Wi-Fi); data ingestion and management; analytics and predictions; decisions and apps for several verticals and especially aquaculture.

In the 5G-HEART project, WINGS will mainly define, implement and test 5G-powered solutions for the smart farming vertical trials. These solutions comprise aquaculture use cases in Greece and Norway, as well as agriculture use cases in France. First, these activities comprise definition of the use cases and trial setup based on the 5G platforms chosen for each trial. Second, the solutions of the aquaculture trials will be implemented in lab environments and tested. Third, full trial setups will be integrated in real operational environments and tested on the platforms.

Website: https://5gheart.org/

Duration: 06.2019-11.2022

This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement No 857034

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