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WINGS uses various visualization techniques in its solutions including dashboards, mobile applications, and AR/VR applications, tailored to each solution developed.


How WINGS innovates in each industry

WINGS focus is put on bringing industrial processes closer to the digital future with Augmented/Virtual Reality and Digital Twin applications.

We develop specialized software for various use cases, so as to control automatic robotic processes and handle remotely any unexpected situation, involving infrastructure and sensors, and other components.

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How can we digitize your business?

Using 3D graphics and stereoscopic sounds to recreate realistic virtual environments of real workspaces, complex machinery, cooperative robots (co-bots), and combine this context into the 3D engine, we can create an immersive virtual workstation for our customers.

In our virtual reality applications, the user wearing special VR goggles can interact within the virtual world, assign industrial tasks, operate remotely the machines, receive information and notifications about their status, potential problems, and view on-demand manuals of all involved equipment as if being inside the workplace.

Our goal is to explore and propose potential uses of these new technologies enabling “Human in The Loop”, as well as help our customers integrate them into future industrial environments.

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