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Spin-out areas

WINGS created a spin-out company, Incelligent. Incelligent focuses on the proactive management of resources and of the customer experience of broadband/cloud infrastructures, as well as in the delivery predictive/prescriptive products for certain areas of the Fintech, Social Security and other Government sectors.

Incelligent processes Big Data, with its advanced, proprietary Machine-Learning algorithms, therefore generating Predictive Analytics and Proactive Actionable Intelligence.

Joint Ventures

diTTo is a joint venture that has emerged from a collaboration between WINGS and Aveco de Bondt of the VolkerWessels group. diTTo’s primary goal is the technical development of the product “Digital Twin Solution(s) for Water Infrastructures”. In diTTo, solid knowledge in the field of IT solutions (cloud/IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, security technologies) is combined with knowledge in the field of water management and maintaining water infrastructures. Also, high-end knowledge is combined with practical hands-on experience, both in the field of ICT solutions and water.

WINGS is also a key participant to Govhack, which is a joint venture / innovation center, that will deliver essential technologies (GovTech) and know-how, for the Digital Transformation of Public Administration and Local Governments, nationally and internationally.

Joint Products

Finally, the joint product on Defense is Decismar and is developed through a consortium, under the EDIDP (European Defense Industrial Development Program) framework.

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