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Our Approach

WINGS enhances services, or even takes over certain tasks. In particular, the technologies that enable Digital Transformations can have a big impact on how services are delivered, and on the customer experience.

WINGS has developed Starlit, the product for digital health and wellness, based on which services are also delivered. Moreover, there is a product (jointly owned) for the defense sector. Finally, we offer solutions / tools for education, culture, government.

Our Approach

Nowadays, in the era of digitalization, it is becoming more and more important to use digital content wisely.

Technology can create simulations that mirror actual circumstances while offering students practical learning opportunities. Complex concepts, subjects, or theories are easier to understand & expands learners efficiency to gain knowledge and increase the interaction of students in educational processes.

 WINGSchool  is the innovative solution developed by WINGS for a strategic partnership to optimize the adoption of technology in education.

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