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WINGS develops orchestration mechanisms towards B5G/6G, through advances in the area of intent-oriented interfaces, as well as on diagnostics.

Intent-oriented mechanisms

WINGS focuses on developing orchestration mechanisms towards B5G/6G, through advances in the area of intent-oriented interfaces (declaring requirements), as well as on diagnostics, and on the application of CI/CD features for service management (mitigation, improvements aspects).


Performance analysis and recommendations for performance improvement.

WINGS has developed ingestion mechanisms for data and performance analysis in order to create the appropriate recommendations for improving the system’s performance. Such mechanisms include monitoring of network, system, application KPIs, as well as the service description. Therefore, KPI validation, element anomaly detection, performance degradation root cause and service profiles.


Delivery over public / private (on premise) clouds / edge-core cloud infrastructures.

WINGS has been consolidating its platforms into a suite capable of providing sensors and microcontrollers; connectivity and edge cloud management (5G, MEC, 4G, LoRa/Wi-Fi); data ingestion and management; analytics and predictions; decisions and applications.
System Level Simulation

Performance evaluation through the Nestor suite, adapted to various diverse infrastructures.

WINGS has developed a 5G system level simulator for enabling advanced component validations and optimizations, Nestor. WINGS Nestor is a discrete event simulation environment for the simulation of heterogeneous networks, extended with new features to support the new functionalities of 5G.

The main modules supported are macro cells, small cells and User Equipment nodes. Based on the Discrete Event Simulation approach, created events are the basic 3GPP signaling events, mobility events, application layer events and also system level events that enable the collection of measurements and the control of auxiliary artifacts (graphics, controls etc.).

The tool has the potential of simulating various scenarios under different assumptions/ conditions. Through the flexibility of available modules, it is possible to customize various parameters.

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