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Published on 28/01/2022


Data-based analysis for SAFETY and security protection FOR detection, prevention, mitigation and response in trans-modal metro and RAILway networkS

About the project: Today’s metros and high-speed railways boast increased connectivity and higher digitalisation, as well as improved comfort and passenger experience. But they are also attractive targets for cyber and physical attacks. Preventive measures should focus on hackers, hacktivists, cybercriminals and terrorists. By focusing on physical-only and cyber-only attacks, as well as combined cyber-physical attacks, the EU-funded SAFETY4RAILS project will develop methods to increase the safety and recovery of track-based intercity railway and intracity metro transportation. Studying rush hour rail transport scenarios will enable the project to provide a holistic approach to the handling of these events. It will analyze the cyber-physical resilience of metro and railway systems and deliver mitigation strategies for an efficient response to ensure reliable transportation also in situations with a high volume of passengers.

WINGS Role: In the context of the project, WINGS builds on top of the company competence in machine-learning techniques so as to offer mechanisms that will support the “Active monitoring and incident detection”. To this end, WINGS members will analyze past events and lessons learnt, cascading effects of past events and vulnerable components of the infrastructure so as to take into account the respective requirements, model them and identify how these may benefit decisions of future incidents. The related specification will guide WINGS contribution to the definition of the SAFETY4RAILS system architecture while MSCs and other tools for the communication among machine learning and decision mechanisms will be documented as well. Integration and evaluation activities will ensure the performance of the developed mechanisms and update/adjustment of the mechanisms according to the end-users’ feedback. Last but not least, WINGS will support SAFETY4RAILS outcomes through its participation to the Social Impact Analysis (SIA) as technical partner and its dissemination, communication and exploitation activities.

Website: https://safety4rails.eu/

Duration: 10.2020-09.2022

This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement No 883532

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