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Product Description

Utilities (energy, water, gas) are essential for the economy and the society. As a matter of fact, aspects like “clean water and sanitation”, “affordable and clean energy” are placed at the center of attention, through the UN (United Nations) SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). In this respect, there are strong pushes to optimize the design and operation of utilities. There is need for ICT products that will enable the optimization of the configuration, fault / performance / security / accounting (metering) management. Key aspects are metering, consumption and capability prediction, handling of leakages and of outages, securing the installation, water quality, the maximization of the use of renewable energy sources, and others. This need is fulfilled by ARTEMIS product.

The following figures present an overview of the functionalities and capabilities of ARTEMIS, for each of the utilities mentioned. These should be done with high precision in terms of space and time, for triggering local / temporal / personalized actions. The following figure presents an overview of the way AIRWINGS works and its capabilities.

The Device

At the device pillar there are devices for:

1.  metering energy, water, gas usage;

2. assessing water quality by measuring total organic carbon, pH, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, oxidation reduction potential, temperature;

3. devices for managing irrigation, drills, tanks, floods;

4. understanding gas concentration and detecting flames;

5. monitoring the energy consumption, e.g., through smart plugs;

6. securing the installations, e.g., the perimeters of hubs of these critical infrastructures, as well as parts of the respective utility networks.

The Platform

WINGS leverages on advanced wireless networks (5G, B5G/6G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M, 4G and others), cloud/edge computing, big data, and, overall, further backend technologies. Regarding the big-data capabilities there is functionality for data ingestion, cleansing, imputation, detrending, storage. Regarding the exploitation of network and cloud infrastructures, there is functionality for (a) conducting orchestration and service provisioning, including functionality migration at various addressing edge / core /far-edge nodes (disaggregation), depending on diverse criteria (applications, energy, resource availability, security); (b) addressing slice aspects (issuing requests, conducting negotiations); (c) having diagnostics (i.e., performance analysis, recommendations for improvement, etc.) and metering related functionality.

AI-powered Capabilities

At the AI-powered application pillar there is functionality for achieving utility network management, as well as management of the transported “content” (water, energy, gas). Regarding configuration management there are means for tuning the components (software and hardware) and for the definition of zones. Regarding fault management, there are means for the management of leakages (water and gas case) and for corresponding actuations, to mitigate the effect. Regarding metering / accounting there are means to predict the consumptions and the capabilities, in the case of renewable energy or water sources. Regarding performance management there are various optimization mechanisms, to handle demand-response situations, conduct outage handling, maximize the use of renewables, and provide different incentives for green use. Related to security there are means for asset protection, the protection from energy theft, intrusion /anomaly detection at the cyber sphere and at the physical world, root-cause analysis, and triggering of mitigation actions.


Product Dashboard
Prospects and Installations

ARTEMIS is primarily addressed to utility companies (belonging to municipalities or being private), operating water, energy or gas networks. Moreover, ARTEMIS can also be sold to 3rd party companies, which can come from the ICT world (e.g., offering some complementary material) or from the utilities’ world (e.g., offering technologies or domain expertise).

ARTEMIS installations have already been done at many municipalities all across Greece (i.e. Monemvasia and Argos, Peloponnese). Moreover, there is footprint in energy and gas companies, in Greece, leveraging also on cooperations in the context of European projects.

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