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Published on 24/02/2022

Ensuring public safety in transportation infrastructure is of major concern, especially when the risk incident takes place in large crowded areas such as an airport, where the casualties and consequences of failure in this aspect is larger. The main goal of the “Airport evacuation use case” in the context of H2020 @5G-TOURS is to assist current evacuation plans in large crowded indoor public spaces, resulting in minimizing the risk or magnitude of human casualties as well as the efficient handling of incidents that have complex and dynamic evacuation requirements. Efficient implementation of training exercises with the use of AR technology is also supported. To this end, @WINGS has developed an AR-application addressing these needs and highlighting how 5G enables efficient and seamless operation of such a service, which provides personalized user navigation to safely evacuate the building. This service can be used for monitoring mobility flows within airports and other large venues. Stay tuned for more and watch related video Evacuation service in the context of 5G-TOURS – YouTube

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