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Published on 22/03/2023

Happy International Water Day! 

At WINGS ICT Solutions, we believe that access to clean and safe water is a basic human right. That’s why we’re proud to offer our ARTEMIS product for proactive management of water infrastructure and services using IoT, 5G & AI, which helps communities and organizations around the world better manage their water resources.

ARTEMIS is a cutting-edge solution that leverages advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize water usage, detect leaks, and improve water quality. 
More specific, ARTEMIS platform is developed and expanded with extra features for enabling:
• Configuration of field devices and equipment, flexible configuration of network structures, configuration of virtual zones. 
• Remote and real-time monitoring of any type of sensor, meter and equipment.
• Detection of faulty equipment (e.g., faulty meters) and incidents (e.g., leakages, water contamination, floods). Localization of incidents. Early warnings and notifications (email, SMS).
• Optimization of performance (IWA indexes), correct use of the network, increased rates of billed water, improved water quality, simplified irrigation management, increased water and energy savings. Prediction of demand (and supply – demand matching).
• Security in facilities, field equipment, data transmission as well as cyber-security at platform and software level.

We know that the global water crisis is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. But with products like ARTEMIS, we’re confident that we can make a difference since water resources are being used in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. #watermanagement#Artemis#cleanwaterforall

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