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Published on 04/05/2022

Can a truck cross the Greek-Turkish borders without the slightest input from a driver? WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS in collaboration with the Research University Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), COSMOTE, ERICSSON Greece and their respective Turkish partners prove that this is not a distant scenario, but the new reality that is about to change the transportation industry. As part of the European project 5G MOBIX an open event will be held on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at the Greek-Turkish border, in the presence of representatives of the Commission and other senior representatives of the political and business world of the two countries. WINGS contributed to the project’s objectives by developing and testing at the Kipi cross-border station, an innovative 5G enabled assisted “zero-touch” border crossing service for vehicles through 5G connectivity. Through the On-Board Unit (OBU) and the Road Side Unit (RSU), vehicle data is collected and sent in real time to the WINGS smart platform. As a result, customs control procedures are significantly accelerated, staff and border security is enhanced and an automated vehicle can cross the border without having to stop for on-site manual control. WINGS will leverage on selected components that the company develops in 5G-Mobix, to enhance its WINGSChariot platform (logistics, industry 4.0) and other mobility oriented products and services. 

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