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Published on 11/06/2022

The last week was exciting and productive for WINGS ICT Solutions. The participation to two flagship events can be highlighted, among the many things that progressed. The participation to EuCNC & 6G Summit gave us the opportunity to demonstrate novel solutions that exploit 5G and will further benefit from features that will be spurred by 6G, e.g., cooperative robots, massive twinning, the tight connection of the physical and digital worlds. Demonstrations of industrial applications (@Hexa-X), transportation / logistics / mobility (@Dedicat 6G, @5G-Tours, @5G-Mobix, 5G-Carmen), aquaculture (5G-Heart), infrastructure management (Daemon), localization (Locus, Incelligent) raised a lot of attention. In parallel, WINGS ICT Solutions participated, through a booth and demonstrations, to the Regional Growth Conference 2022, “Paving the New Way”. Lively and efficient discussions were held on our solutions for Air Quality (AIRWINGS), Utilities (ARTEMIS), Transportation Infrastructures (WINGSPARK), Food Safety / Agriculture (AGNES), Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / logistics (WINGSChariot), Aquaculture (AQUAWINGS), and Health and Wellness (STARLIT). Stay tuned for further news from us, in the next weeks of the summer. #IoT, #ai, #5G, #6G, #digitaltransformation, #sustainability, #growth

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