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Published on 27/11/2023

WINGS will participate in the 13th e-Government Forum, the largest Technology conference related to the Public Sector at all levels! 

On Tuesday, November 28th, and Wednesday, November 29th, 2023, the e-Government Forum, Digital HealthCare, and DPO & ICT Security World Conferences are jointly organized at the Divani Caravel Hotel. The emphasis will be on Public Administration, Health and Social Care, Digital Security, and Personal Data Protection. 

During the Digital HealthCare Conference Product Manager-Health of WINGS, Mr. Nikos Kastrinios, will present STARLIT, an End-to-End Solution for Digital Health and Wellness and give a speech titled “IoT, 5G, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in healthcare and citizens’ well-being services.”  

Register here to watch the presentation online: https://e-govforum2023.eexpo.gr/online/ 

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