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Published on 14/06/2023

WINGS ICT Solutions is getting ready for the Smart Cities Expo & Conference (Zappeion Megaron 16-17/6).
We are thrilled to announce that our company will have a strong and multi-faceted presence, consisting of talks, demos and awards at this Conference!
First and foremost, our Sales Director, Lydia Tsiouka will deliver a presentation regarding “Smart solutions for the Environment and the Citizen, innovation through IoT, 5G & AI”. The presentation will showcase our company’s commitment to transforming cities into smart and sustainable ecosystems.
Furthermore, we will present the first versions of our overarching smart city platform, which we are launching with the name WINGSCity. The platform will be encompassing several of our products, as well as selected third party applications. Join us at the A1 booth to experience the platform!
Our team of experts will be available to provide valuable insights, answer your questions, and discuss how our innovative technologies can benefit your business and contribute to sustainable solutions for cities.
Finally, selected solutions implemented by our partner / municipalities will receive special awards. Special thanks to our partner /municipalities for the cooperation and trust.
Thanks to Teamworks for the organization.
 Stay tuned!!
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