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Published on 06/07/2023

We support innovation and young entrepreneurship in practice, while working at the forefront of technology delivering digital solutions for the society of the future.

Wings was amongst the supporters of #Smart Sterea Hackathon that took place in 30th June – 2nd July, at Chalkida. The Smart Sterea Hackathon is an initiative of the Region of Central Greece with the aim of creating original applications and presenting innovative ideas for society, economy, local development and digital transformation.

During the hackathon, 26 participant teams have developed novel ideas, proposals, as well as preliminary, prototype applications with the aid of selected mentors and presented their results in front of an expert committee.

We are glad that our Managing Director @Kostas Tsagkaris participated in both the mentoring team and evaluation committee of the hackathon “By supporting this competition we create opportunities for young people, fighting against unemployment and we support the effort for creating a culture of innovation and collaboration.”

Ιn September 2023 WINGS will participate in the open event that will take place in Lamia for the award ceremony, where all the teams of the Smart Sterea Hackathon will have the opportunity to present their idea to a wide audience and the regional services.

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