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Published on 30/08/2022

WINGS provides complete integrated, intelligent digital (software, hardware) solutions and transformation for vertical business sectors, based on advanced technologies. As a matter of fact, more than 20 solutions, which fall within the smart city / region realm (air / safety, energy / water, transport, health, and others), are currently offered to various municipalities. In this sense, we are looking forward to the panel of the 2nd Digital Beach Summit www.digitalbeachsummit.com , which will be hosted by the Municipality of Preveza on September 1-2 (Thursday-Friday), 2022 under the theme “Smart & Green”. The Digital Beach Summit provides a public platform for dialogue with focus on the transition to a new digital and green era. Our sales director Lydia Tsiouka will present WINGS solutions about “Cyber Security, BIG DATA & IoT”. Stay tuned for more information.

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