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Published on 24/01/2023

WINGS is building advanced technology for manufacturing, smart cities, enterprise- and consumer-applications.

Happy to be participating to the kick off the #Horizon_Europe#Hexa-X-II projects, in Espoo / Helsinki, Finland, which will contribute to the further shaping of the vision of 6G, will consolidate research and development streams, and will deliver first system-level views and 6G blueprints.

Among other tasks, WINGS ICT Solutions will be in charge of the system level Proof of Concepts (PoCs). Three waves of work will be delivered, encompassing novel devices, networks, radio, management components.

Development and PoC work will involve applications leveraging on features like cooperative robots, massive twinning and XR. Enablers related to end-to-end orchestration, from the extreme edge devices to the core cloud, advanced networks (cloudified, flexible, capable of services beyond communications), emerging radio and devices (exhibiting joint communications and sensing, extreme performance). Diverse KPIs and social aspects will be studied, for ensuring a 6G ecosystem that will be sustainable, trustworthy, and efficient for closing the digital divide.

Stay tuned!

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