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Published on 02/12/2021

DECEMBER 2, 2021

We are supporting the “Emerging tech forum” organized by HETIA, on December 9, in Hotel Grande Bretagne. The forum is dedicated to encouraging public dialogue on global trends and how they affect the ecosystem of Technology Research and Development. Among others, issues under discussion are Greek innovation and Greek extrovert growth model. WINGS, as part of this new era, will be there with our Kostas Tsagkaris, Managing Director & Co-Founder, since we contribute to the development and evolution of technology and we improve digitalization through meaningful innovation with one consistent belief: there is always a way to make technology better. WINGS is developing digital solutions for air quality (AIRWINGS), utilities (ARTEMIS), transportation infrastructures (WINGSPARK), aquaculture (AQUAWINGS), food safety / agriculture / (AGNES), health and wellness (STARLIT), and industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / logistics (WINGSChariot). 

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