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Product Description

In the pursuit of smarter, sustainable urban environments, there is a compelling need for comprehensive, scalable, and interoperable solutions. Cities and municipalities are on the lookout for systems that can seamlessly integrate a wide array of data sources, manage complex city-wide IoT infrastructures, and offer actionable insights to improve the quality of urban life.

WINGSCity is the innovative solution developed by WINGS that addresses these needs and beyond. WINGSCity revolutionizes city management by unifying disparate data streams and IoT devices into one cohesive platform, enabling cities to become smarter and more responsive to the needs of their citizens. This platform facilitates the monitoring and management of essential city services such as energy, water, air quality, and security, while also enhancing the urban experience through advanced applications for health, parking, and building information systems.

The Devices

WINGSCity integrates with a diverse array of devices and sensors throughout the urban landscape. From smart meters monitoring energy and water consumption to sensors tracking air quality and weather conditions, the platform collects and harmonizes data for comprehensive oversight. This includes advanced connectivity with IoT-enabled infrastructure, providing a new level of intelligence in public services management.

The Platform

At its core, WINGSCity leverages cutting-edge technologies such as wireless networks (including 5G and beyond), cloud and edge computing, and big data analytics. The platform offers robust data processing capabilities, including ingestion, cleansing, and analysis. It supports the dynamic allocation of computational resources across the network to optimize performance, ensuring that city managers have the insights they need when they need them.

AI-powered Capabilities

WINGSCity is not just about data aggregation; it’s about smart data utilization. With AI at its heart, the platform enables the synthesis of complex data into meaningful metrics, such as the Liveability Index and Air Quality Index, giving citizens and authorities a clear understanding of the city’s health and performance. Advanced AI algorithms support predictive maintenance for city infrastructure and proactive management of city services, adapting to the ever-changing urban environment.

Product Dashboard

WINGSCity is the ideal choice for city administrators, urban planners, and public service providers aiming to enhance their city’s infrastructure. It is especially suitable for sectors like energy, water management, environmental services, public safety, and healthcare, among others.

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