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Published on 17/03/2024

Our Latest Video is live!

Feel free to follow the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KB-w5UvYM4and to check out for the transformative capabilities of our WINGSChariot product towards Industry and Logistics!

WINGS ICT Solutions vision is to deliver its products and solutions for Fighting the impacts of Climate Change, for the Proactive Management of Water / Energy Infrastructures, for Agriculture and Manufacturing 4.0 / Logistics, for transforming the way Health services as well as Education content will be delivered.

Following some years of work we are confident that our WINGSChariot product has achieved a twofold goal:

(a) serve as a platform underpinning the transforming of the Industry 4.0 and Logistics, as well as the Energy and Water Sectors;

(b) deliver vital use cases leading to human effort reduction, energy / cost efficiency, production speed, improved accuracy in quality checks, reduced energy/resource usage, improvements in packaging and recycling efficiency, sustainability, safety.

Excited about our technology base: robotics / IoT / OBUs (On Board Units), 5G, AI, XR, Digital Twinning.

Don’t miss the chance to take a glimpse and witness firsthand our contribution towards the Future of Logistics and Industry 4.0.

Contact us for sharing insights, experiencing demos and the product, for investigating business opportunities, and for telling us your views and comments


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