AQUAWINGS: selected and pitching in the European Commission, Innovation Radar, Food & Agritech E- event,

AQUAWINGS is our solution for optimizing aquaculture, in terms of production (quality, quantity, wellness), cost and environmental footprint minimization. Excited and honored to have been selected for in December 13, in which our technology development specialist, Panagiotis Demestichas, will pitch. Congratulations to our AQUAWINGS team. Thanks to for the organization. Stay tuned for more news. #AI, #IoT, #5G, #sustainability, #foodsecurity, #foodsafey

Smart Cities: New brochure documenting the WINGS ICT Solutions offering.

WINGS exploits advanced technologies to deliver digital solutions for air quality and civil / natural environment protection (AIRWINGS), utilities, i.e., energy / water / gas (ARTEMIS), transportation infrastructures and mobility (WINGSPARK), aquaculture (AQUAWINGS), agriculture (AGNES), logistics and industry 4.0 (WINGSChariot), health and wellness (STARLIT). By combining a selected subset of our solutions our partners realize […]

Beyond 5G / 6G Developments: participation in 6 new projects

Following the announcement of the EC, proudly announces its participation in six new projects (subject to the finalization of their grant agreements, currently ongoing), of the SNS JU (Smart Networks and Services – Joint Undertaking), which is part if the Horizon Europe (HEU) framework. The projects will develop and validate 6G (Beyond 5G) systems and […]

WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS was assigned contracts for fire detection in the forests of Volos and Alonissos

WINGS – AIRWINGS – Environment and Citizen Protection / Air quality management. WINGS was awarded contracts, following respective tenders, for delivering early fire detection systems in the forests of Volos and Alonissos. The intelligent fire detection system will be installed by WINGS, in execution of these contracts, in selected spots of the forests of  Alonissos and […]

AGNES: Demonstrated how WINGS products and technologies can complement the vision towards a sustainable farm-to-fork context.

WINGS – AGNES Platform for agriculture and food safety, farm to fork approaches. AGNES is suite of tools developed for covering production (poultry, livestock, crops and grains and others), logistics, food safety in factories. Intensive work progresses through various streams. WINGS demonstrated novel technologies in the context of the midterm evaluation meeting of H2020 DiTECT […]

New projects associated with the WINGSChariot and the WINGSPARK  platform on transport and logistics.

The WINGSChariot platform is being developed to address selected needs of the logistics sector and of industry 4.0. AGV-powered warehouse operations, reliable and safe goods transfer in “corridors”, and focused optimization on storage / order management / goods distribution are currently offered. WINGSPARK is becoming a platform for the proactive management of transportation infrastructures and […]

ARTEMIS: new WINGS projects will start associated with the platform.

ARTEMIS is the product of WINGS that is oriented to the proactive management of water, energy, gas infrastructures. Based on the WINGS approach, it combines advanced technologies (IoT, AI, advanced networks and visualizations) with domain knowledge, to address diverse use cases: efficient metering (24/7, secure), optimizations (e.g., maximization of revenue water, of share of renewables […]