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Published on 12/04/2023

AIRWINGS is our product for air quality, and for the protection of citizen health and of the environment (e.g., fires).

In the context of the innovative #HorizonEurope, EDIAQI project (https://ediaqi.eu/ ), WINGS worked successfully in Zagreb (4-6/4/2023). We deployed our AIRWINGS platform, including the first 5 (out of the total 15) indoor and 3 outdoor (which will gradually become 10) air quality devices.  Our devices measure a total of 10 parameters, in addition to temperature, humidity and pressure. Demonstration and training activities were performed for our partners. Data analysis and algorithms will follow. It was a good week and milestone for the EDIAQI project in Zagreb. Stay tuned for more!

#airquality, #iot, #ai, #digitalhealth

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