WINGS participated in the 13th World Water-Tech Innovation Summit.

We are proud to announce WINGS ICT Solutions’s participation in the 13th annual World Water-Tech Innovation Summit in London.Scheduled for February 20-21, the event brought together progressive water enterprises, regulatory bodies, engineering firms, technology giants, investors, and visionaries to address the decade’s most pressing challenges.WINGS showcase #ARTEMIS, the cutting-edge solution that leverages IoT, 5G & AI for • […]

WINGS’s team in AGROTICA 2024.

WINGS’s team is ready to welcome you in Agrotica Expo 2024! We are participating in the foremost exhibition event for the country’s #agricultural economy, serving as a pivotal hub for meetings and networking within the agricultural sector. Visit our booth in pavilion 2, Stand 48 to see firsthand WINGS’s digital solutions for various sectors. More […]

AQUAWINGS will be presented during SIMEC Expo.

WINGS is pleased to announce its participation in the forthcoming SIMEC Expo held in Saudi International Marine Exhibition February 04-06th, 2024. Our smart and Innovative solution for Sustainable Aquaculture management and operation, AQUAWINGS will be presented in the exhibition. AQUAWINGS is addressed to companies operating aquaculture farms, and supportive fish feed and medication companies, ultimately assisting on maximization […]

WINGS is participating in AGROTICA 2024.

WINGS ICT Solutions will be at Agrotica Expo 2024, the leading sectoral exhibition in Greece in the agro-economic sector! We are participating in the foremost exhibition event for the country’s agricultural economy, serving as a pivotal hub for meetings and networking within the agricultural sector. WINGS will showcase the digital solutions for various sectors. More specifically: – AQUAWINGS for sustainable […]

WINGS attended the 3rd plenary meeting of Hexa-X II.

Kicking off the professional year with momentum and innovation! We had the pleasure of attending the third plenary meeting of @Hexa-X II, in @Orange, in Chatillon, Paris, Jan. 9-11, 2024. WINGS ICT Solutions has had a strong participation, focused on contributions that will form the next generation (maybe #nextgen) of wireless networks (#B5G, #6G) and […]

Discover WINGSChariot’s Campus 5G SA & Warehouse Optimization Use Cases!  

  Join the following links for focused demonstrations showcasing how WINGSChariot, our cutting-edge platform integrating robotics, OBUs, AI, and IoT, revolutionizes logistics and Industry 4.0. Witness intelligent automation enhancing efficiency and cost reductions in warehouses and transportation systems. Experience firsthand the future of secure, sustainable freight transportation across EU corridors. Don’t miss this glimpse into the […]

WINGS ICT Solutions participated in Infocom World 2023: Embracing Innovation with ‘Diginvest in Greece: New Horizons!’

WINGS Founder and Chairman of the BoD, Mr. Panagiotis Demestichas, delivered a speech titled “Applications for the 5G-era and beyond”.Mr. Demestichas spotlighted WINGS’ Solutions Approach across four Application Groups, which leverage on advanced wireless (5G and beyond), AI, robotics, IoT. The following groups were addressed.:1. Environment Protection: Wildfires through the AIRWINGSplus Solution2. Industry & Logistics: WINGSChariot/WINGSFactory – Products catering […]

WINGS in SWITCHMED B2B Innovative Technologies, ‘Blue Economy Pilot – Sustainable Aquaculture Tynisia’

WINGS ICT Solutions has successfully participated in SWITCHMED B2B Innovative Technologies, ‘Blue Economy Pilot – Sustainable Aquaculture Tynisia’ on 5th, December 2023 in Tunis. Our Aquaculture Solutions Expert, Dr. Alexis Glaropoulos pitched AQUAWINGS to an extended local and international audience, while had the opportunity to meet and develop business relationships and promote WINGS innovative technologies to the Tunisian aquaculture community. […]

WINGS ICT Solutions successfully participated at the Lean Manufacturing Conference in Athens on December 6th!

WINGS Founder and Chairman of the BoD, Mr. Panagiotis Demestichas, delivered a presentation on “Advanced ICT Technologies for Lean Manufacturing,” showcasing WINGS’ solutions that enhance the efficiency of industry and logistics using robotics, IoT, campus 5G, AI/ML, and optimization. The presentation will highlight benefits such as boosted production speed, improved accuracy in quality checks, reduced energy/resource usage, and significant improvements […]