Sales Manager at WINGS, Mrs. Lydia Tsiouka, on the Open TV channel on Wednesday, September 27th after 09:00am

Don’t miss the upcoming appearance of Mrs. Lydia Tsiouka, Sales Manager at WINGS, on the Open TV channel on Wednesday, September 27th after 09:00am. She will be addressing the topic of fire protection and its implementation through WINGS ICT Solutions technologies. At WINGS ICT Solutions, we are at the forefront of technology development, harnessing the […]

Our Co-founder and Technology Development Specialist, Panagiotis Demestichas, participating for the second time in “Digital Sundays”

Proud and honoured to have our Co-founder and Technology Development Specialist, Panagiotis Demestichas, participating for the second time in the most prestigious radio show of Mrs Valia Kaimari, “Digital Sundays”, on the First Program of ERT (Greece national broadcaster) ( ). The discussion will focus on environment protection, e.g., from fires, floods, and civil protection, and the role […]

WINGS ICT Solutions participated at the 6th Infrastructure & Transport Conference 2023!

We are excited to announce our active participation in the 6th Infrastructure & Transport Conference, a prominent event held on September 18-19, 2023, at Athens Conservatoire. This conference stood as a significant gathering for the transportation sector, drawing in leading figures from both the domestic and international arenas. At WINGS ICT Solutions, we’ve always been […]

WINGS ICT Solutions at 6th Infrastructure & Transport Conference 2023

Day 1 at 6th Infrastructure & Transport Conference 2023 for WINGS ICT Solutions!You can visit us at our booth during the 2 days conference to learn more about WINGSChariot and WINGSPARK. WINGS ICT Solutions has developed an AI-Powered IoT solution for optimizing Logistics and Industrial applications. WINGSChariot delivers optimized warehouses (powered by robotics, >20% productivity increase), real-time visibility […]

Co-Founder and Technology Development Specialist of WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS, Panagiotis Demestichas, in the 3rd episode of SmartTalks. 

In the third episode, Mr. Panagiotis Demestichas talks about the company, digital transformation, talent in IT, and upcoming technological innovations. Key points in the talk: Killer applications for 5G: environment protection, smart manufacturing / industry 4.0, smart cities, digital twins. The story so far behind WINGS ICT Solutions and the prospects created by the investment of the Phaistos […]

WINGS Co-founder and Technology Development Specialist on 5G Conference SE Europe, 26/09 Zappeio Megaro

We’re thrilled to announce that our Co-Founder and Technology Development Specialist, Panagiotis Demestichas, will deliver a speech at the upcoming 5G Conference SE Europe 2023. This event is scheduled for September 26 and will take place at Zappeio Megaro in Athens. The event will highlight the opportunities, as well as the challenges, in exploiting the potential of the 5G […]

Announcement of the investment of 5G Ventures SA / Phaistos investment fund in WINGS.

WINGS ICT Solutions is entering into a new phase. Following years of R&D, product development and sales, service delivery, we proudly announce the investment of 5G Ventures S.A | Phaistos Investment Fund.Honoured, and with a sense of prospect and responsibility, this investment opens important opportunities, in terms of products and services, and, above all, business-wise, in areas […]

Deployment of the WINGS STARLIT platform, on digital health and wellness, in the municipality of Nea Filadelfeia / Nea Chalkidona.

We are honoured to announce that @wings… will enable citizens of the municipality of Nea Filadelfeia / Nea Chalkidona (Athens / Attika region) to be remotely monitored in terms of health and wellness, while staying at their homes, by exploiting the capabilities of the STARLIT platform and the domain knowledge of the municipality personnel. STARLIT […]