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Published on 12/10/2023

Andreas Georgakopoulos presenting #5GSEAGUL project during the 5G CORRIDORS WORKSHOP 2023 in the session “Roundtable: Lessons learnt from study to deployment”. The GUIDE project, with the support of HaDEA and DG CNECT organized the event which was hosted by the European Commission in Brussels on the 10th Oct. 2023 with the aim to review the two 5G Strategic Deployment Agendas published in 2020 in the fields of rail and road. @EU_HaDEA #CEFDigital

Our efforts to promote #WINGSChariot continue. 5G SEAGUL will enable the validation of our WINGSChariot product on logistics, and especially, of the OBU-based control of product transfer, in the 5G corridor deployed from Velestino (Central Greece) to Sofia in Bulgaria by crossing the Greek-Bulgarian border in Promahonas.

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