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Published on 26/07/2022


We are happy to announce the  AQUAWINGS installation in Epidaurus. More specific the device was installed for video streaming in the area of ​​Epidaurus in Selonda Bay. AQUAWINGS delivers sustainable aquaculture and manages aquatic ecosystems, at large, powered by IoT, 5G and AI. AQUAWINGS innovates through real-time data from underwater cameras and sensors, and AI-powered algorithms that give unprecedented insights, such as biomass estimation, feeding optimization, fish wellness and disease detection and more. The adoption of advanced technologies in the field of fish farming, such as the application AQUAWINGS of WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS, can optimize the daily life of fish farmers. WINGS also develops digital solutions for Air Quality (AIRWINGS), Utilities (ARTEMIS), Transportation Infrastructures (WINGSPARK), Food Safety / Agriculture (AGNES), Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / logistics (WINGSChariot), and Health and Wellness (STARLIT). Stay tuned for more to come. #sustainability #digital #aquaculture

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