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Published on 29/06/2023

WINGS is proud to announce the implementation of two very important installations of the AQUAWINGS solution, the innovative product for optimizing aquaculture. The first is for the island of Kefalonia and the second for the island of Cyprus.

AQUAWINGS leverages the power of IoT, 5G, and AI to revolutionize the fish farming industry.

More specifically our solution , AQUAWINGS delivers:

  • Real-time average weight estimation: based on our AI algorithms (patent pending), by analyzing underwater cameras livestreams (real-time, near-real-time, offline)
  • Advanced algorithms: feeding optimization, fish welfare analysis, improvement of production indicators (FCR, SGR), support to harvest and planning optimization.
  • Real time monitoring, in a 24/7 manner, leveraging diverse devices.

Stay tuned for results and more to come. #sustainability #digital #aquaculture

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