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Product Description

Nearly two-thirds of the seafood we eat will be farm-raised in 2030. With our global population projected to reach more than 8.5 billion by 2030, aquaculture will need to more than double from today’s level to satisfy the growing demand for fish; aquaculture production will need to increase from 47 to 94 million metric tons. In the light of the above, there is need for advanced tools that will assist the optimization of aquaculture towards the maximization of profit, sustainability, and environmental responsibility, to meet the increased demand.

The following figures presents an overview of AQUAWINGS functionalities and capabilities.

The Device

At the device pillar there are: (a) water quality sensors; (b) underwater cameras; (c) underwater drones; (d) security cameras. In this area also, WINGS manufactures a gateway for the collection of data from sensors in the field, local processing, and transmission to the core components of the AQUAWINGS. Data are transferred over various wireless networks (4G, NB-IoT, Cat-M, 5G, GPRS, LoRa). The gateway has the functionality necessary for generating alerts, adapting measurement/transmission profiles, data filtering, and others. The role of underwater cameras is especially important, for all the vertical and the AI-powered applications. An underwater camera needs to be installed in each cage. This amount of video streams can create a stress in the network and calls for 5G performance levels. Underwater drones also call for 5G; their role is the inspection of the installation, also in high depths; 5G will enable remote manipulation and maximal efficiency (role accomplishment, with safety).

The Platform

WINGS leverages on advanced wireless networks (5G, B5G/6G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M, 4G and others), cloud/edge computing, big data, and, overall, further backend technologies. Regarding the big-data capabilities there is functionality for data ingestion, cleansing, imputation, detrending, storage. Regarding the exploitation of network and cloud infrastructures, there is functionality for : (a) conducting orchestration and service provisioning, including functionality migration at various addressing edge / core /far-edge nodes (disaggregation), depending on diverse criteria (applications, energy, resource availability, security); (b) addressing slice aspects (issuing requests, conducting negotiations); (c) having diagnostics (i.e., performance analysis, recommendations for improvement, etc.) and metering related functionality.

AI-powered Capabilities

At the AI-powered application pillar, AQUAWINGS there are capabilities for: (a) monitoring the wellness / health of the production and the robustness of the installation; the wellness / health of the production relies on advanced (b) addressing faults in the installation (breaks of cables, nets, cages); (c) optimizing the performance, in terms of biomass estimation, food loss minimization, food conversion ratio (conversion of food to biomass); (d) ensuring the security of the installation and addressing the safety of workers.

Regarding the wellness / health of the production there are algorithms for: behavior monitoring and disease diagnosis. The input consists of video streams; then there are algorithms that will analyze the video streams and, leveraging also on knowledge and experience aspects, will indicate the wellness of the fish and tentative illness cases. Regarding the performance of the unit: (a) there are algorithms that will analyze video streams; fish will be identified, and their length and weight will be estimated; (b) based on the age of the production and on the weight estimation the food schedule and the food conversion ratio can be optimized.

Product Dashboard
Prospects and Installations

AQUAWINGS is addressed to companies operating aquaculture farms. There is a market in Greece, in Europe, in the US and in Asia.  WINGS has been deployed in Greece (Megara, Sounio) and has also a footprint in various units in Europe (Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Turkey), leveraging also in cooperation in the context of European projects. The following figures depict sample AQUAWINGS installations.

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