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Published on 20/04/2023

ARTEMIS is the product of WINGS that is oriented to the proactive management of water, energy, gas infrastructures.

Based on the WINGS approach, it combines advanced technologies (IoT, AI, advanced networks and visualizations) with domain knowledge, to address diverse use cases. Being a management system it delivers the following functionalities.

–         Efficient metering: optimized information flow and cost with 24/7 capability, prediction of demand and of capabilities);

–         Fault management: faulty meters, predictive maintenance, outage handling (energy), leakage or flood avoidance (water), outage handling.

–         Performance optimizations: optimization of water quality, maximization of revenue water, optimization of the deployment of renewables and of storage components, optimization for residences / businesses factories.

–         Configuration and security aspects.

Commercial traction has been achieved, while further interest is stimulated in various areas and with various tentative partners.

In parallel WINGS strives to develop and integrate further advances.  A wave of new projects related to ARTEMIS activities is being implemented. SEDIMARK aims to create a secure decentralised data marketplace based on distributed ledger technology and AI. Under this new approach,

–         Data will no longer be stored on the “core cloud” but also on “edge systems”, close to where they are generated, thus avoiding security concerns.

–         According to diverse strategies, data will be “cleaned”, labelled and classified, in accordance with legal / ethical frameworks and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) principles, for enabling easy linkage and efficient utilization.

–         Diverse analysis mechanisms can be powered.

Within SEDIMARK, WINGS contributes on the marketplace (leveraging its experience in other vertical sectors, like food security and safety) and with AI strategies.

SEDIMARK will empower European stakeholders to set the proper foundation for the energy market, expand their competences and compete and scale at a global level

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