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Published on 09/06/2023

We are proud to have been part of the @HEXA-X booth, which won the best-booth award at the #EuCNC2023.
WINGS ICT Solutions contributed with two (out of the total six) demos.
We demonstrated how 6G performance and enablers (flexible topologies, network exposure, networks beyond communication, advanced orchestration) will catalyze manufacturing, by introducing resilience and leading to trust, through the handling unexpected situations in industrial contexts.
We also demonstrated flexible topologies for efficient network expansions, towards inclusion, sustainability and trust, for a range of applications, from production / agriculture to environment and civil protection.
Congratulations to all the Hexa-X partners for the most collaborative spirit, the high quality contributions, and the most efficient work, which will lay elements of a globally acceptable foundation for 6G, encompassing also key European values.
For WINGS ICT Solutions this is an extra reason for feeling proud. It is the 4th time in which our teams participate in award-winning booths / demonstrations of advanced technologies, following the successes of iKaaS (EuCNC 2017, smart city applications in EU-Japan context), One5G (EuCNC2018, 5G in support of environment protection), 5G-Carmen / 5G-Mobix (EuCNC2019, 5G and CCAM / logistics applications).
We remain relentlessly committed to the experimentation with advanced technology, for the development of the needed / advanced solutions for vertical transformations and for revolutionary consumer applications, to the benefit of our economy and society.

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