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Published on 26/09/2023

An interview on “Digital Sundays” was held by our Co-founder and Technology Development Specialist, Mr Panagiotis Demestichas, with host Mrs. Valia Kaimaki. The discussion revolved around the vital role of advanced technology, including 5G, AI, and IoT, in environmental protection against threats like fires, floods, and civil emergencies.

WINGS ICT Solutions firmly believes that the era of 5G and beyond will witness the emergence of groundbreaking applications in various sectors. Moreover, they see promising opportunities in smart cities, offering optimized services for health, education, transportation, energy, water, and more. Additionally, the potential for smart manufacturing with private networks and advancements in agriculture and aquaculture is on the horizon.

“Digital Sundays” is a diverse radio show that covers topics ranging from social media influencers to cybersecurity, gaming, cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, art, and Artificial Intelligence, ensuring a broad spectrum of engaging discussions.

Check it out : https://www.ertecho.gr/radio/proto/show/psifiakes-kyriakes/ondemand/472736/psifiakes-kyriakes-me-tin-valia-kaimaki-24-09-2023/

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