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Published on 15/09/2023

In the third episode, Mr. Panagiotis Demestichas talks about the company, digital transformation, talent in IT, and upcoming technological innovations. 
Key points in the talk: Killer applications for 5G: environment protection, smart manufacturing / industry 4.0, smart cities, digital twins. The story so far behind WINGS ICT Solutions and the prospects created by the investment of the Phaistos / 5G Ventures fund. The prospects and need for talented IT people in the IT market. Directions for the digital transformations of enterprises and cities, especially, towards there Green transition. Our vision of a smart city, as one that optimizes its environment, water and energy resource uses, transportation infrastructure, health and wellness of its citizens. 
Special thanks to Smart Press S.A. and Mr Christos Kotsakas for the invitation and the driving of, what we feel is, an interesting and thought-provoking discussion.
The online video of the discussion is now available through the following link: 
Youtube: https://lnkd.in/dqQJQ-RQ

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