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Published on 30/08/2023

We are honoured to announce that WINGS ICT Solutions will enable citizens of the municipality of Nea Filadelfeia / Nea Chalkidona (Athens / Attika region) to be remotely monitored in terms of health and wellness, while staying at their homes, by exploiting the capabilities of the STARLIT platform and the domain knowledge of the municipality personnel.

STARLIT is an advanced digital platform that:

  1. Enables the remote monitoring and assessment of the cardiovascular, neurological, and respiratory conditions of the supervised users / patients.
  2. Evaluates the wellness of the beneficiaries under normal conditions, and detects critical conditions, e.g., accidental falls.

STARLIT achieves its goals by:

  1. Comprising proprietary intelligence (developed by WINGS based on its extended AI expertise) for assessing the health and wellness conditions of the supervised users / patients.
  2. Issuing prioritized notifications and reports to carers and relatives, reflecting the conditions and potential urgencies. Medical / nursing staff can effectively monitor a large number of patients/users, while the possibility of video call and direct communication with the patient through the system is provided, if necessary.
  3. Delivering a seamless experience to the beneficiary, based on advanced cloud and network (4G, 5G) technologies and on related WINGS management mechanisms.
  4. Collecting a comprehensive set of data per beneficiary: body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, etc.; data are correlated and abnormalities are detected.
  5. Recording real-time measurements and historical data and statistics.
  6. Leveraging on diverse devices, such as smartwatches, with varying capabilities and costs to derive data of interest.

STARLIT is a cloud-based platform powered by AI/ML, IoT and advanced wireless networks (including 5G), secure and compliant with legacy regulations (e.g., GDPR).

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