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Published on 28/06/2024

We’re thrilled to announce that WINGS platform, AGNES, is fully aligned with the new Environmental Scheme P1-31.6, aimed at improving agricultural practices through digital management applications.

It is a user-friendly and functional digital platform for input management and environmental data monitoring, essential for promoting ecological farming practices. It supports farmers in complying with scheme requirements by managing agricultural data, soil sampling, and implementing sustainable agricultural techniques.

Our platform also facilitates the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of environmental management plans and necessary improvements, ensuring seamless integration into agricultural activities.

Summary of the Agnes solution:
·       Digital logbook for tasks and monitoring of agricultural exploitation
·       Automated management of producer and plot data
·       Monitoring of meteorological data
·       Data and report extraction
·       Mass data recording from the Declaration Submission Center (fertilization, crop protection, pruning, mowing)

We thank IMPRUS Consulting, a company with deep knowledge of the agricultural sector and a passion for promoting essential, effective, and innovative solutions for agricultural production.

Don’t forget, you can choose Agnes for your new OSDE declarations for effective management and implementation of ecological practices. 🌱

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