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Published on 31/10/2022

WINGS proudly announces an international distinction for its STARLIT platform – the platform for proactive management of health and wellness.

WINGS develops a platform targeted to the proactive management of Health and Wellness, and for assisting medical staff in their work, and patients / relatives in managing their everyday routines. Currently, the platform targets cardiovascular and neurological / migraine issues; plans to address respiratory, diabetes and mental aspects are being realized.

The STARLIT platform, especially, the part focused on cardiovascular aspects, has won an international distinction, by being awarded with the 2nd place prize in the International Startups and Abstracts, in Healthcare Contest, of the BeHEALTH 2022 International Event in Healthcare, 5th edition, held online in October 25 – 27, 2022.

The WINGS STARLIT platform offers a predictive, remote monitoring system for patients who suffer from chronic diseases  (cardiovascular/lung diseases, diabetes). STARLIT uses a set of wearable devices for obtaining measurements for various vital signs. The solution comprises a cloud-based IoT platform, a suite of AI and predictive analytics algorithms, and mobile communication capabilities (3G/4G/5G), to offer applications, compliant with legal and ethical frameworks, which provide insights and early warning for patients and healthcare staff.

Congratulations to our Gianna Karanasiou for pitching and promoting STARLIT, and to the whole STARLIT team for the passionate and effective work, and pursuit of further impact.

Stay tuned for further news on STARLIT, as ambitious and exciting plans, e.g., piloting and tuning its capabilities with top professionals of the medical domain, are being realized.

Check www.wings-ict-solutions.eu for further details on STARLIT and for information on the other vertical solutions developed by WINGS.

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