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Published on 24/05/2022

Don’t miss tomorrow interview of our  Managing Director, Kostas Tsagkaris in Οra Ellados , OPEN TV at 09:30. Our company has been awarded with the SILVER best City Awards 2022 organized by BOUSSIAS in the category “Information systems & smart applications in mobility / transportation”, for the deployment of its WINGSPARK solution in the municipality of Lamia. WINGSPARK constitutes part of the WINGS’ portfolio targeted to the digital transformation of parking and transportation infrastructures. In collaboration with the municipality of Lamia, WINGSPARK converted the Space of the Old Municipal Market to a Modern, smart Parking Lot with the aim to improve the convenience and efficiency of the citizens and visitors of the city.  Kostas Tsagkaris will also discuss the reasons that made WINGS stand out and win this distinction, what is the competitive advantage of our company, our strategy for Industry 4.0 and how we contribute to the Digital Transformation of businesses. Stay tuned for more that are coming.

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