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Published on 21/02/2022

WINGS ICT Solutions provides complete integrated, intelligent digital (software, hardware) solutions and transformation for vertical business sectors; Environment (air quality, natural disasters), Utilities and Infrastructures (energy/water/gas, transportation, construction), Production & Manufacturing (food, factories/logistics), Service Sectors (health, education/culture, government, security/defense), as well as Smart Cities. We support innovation in practice, while working on the forefront of technology developing selected applications for the digital transformation of public administration. Our Managing Director Kostas Tsagkaris participated in the judging committee of the EKDDA Gov 5.0 Hackathon and awarded Innovation with the prize of 2.000 euros promoting the digitalization of Administration and Local Government as well as the National Center for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA), with new and innovative ideas and applications with social impact. By supporting such competitions we create opportunities for young people, fighting against unemployment and we support the effort for creating a culture of innovation and collaboration. #technology #innovation #digitaltransformation #ekddahackathon

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