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Published on 28/09/2023

Yesterday Mrs. Lydia Tsiouka, Sales Director of WINGS was live on Open TV channel discussing with prominent journalists Mr. Kabourakis and Mr. Stathis, our solution to protect the environment and support civil protection, focusing on smart wildfire detection.

Mrs Tsiouka described AIRWINGS early warning and real-time wildfire detection system, that uses cameras and sensors to monitor 24×7 forests. This AI-based system, collects, and analyses real time data (images, air quality and meteorological data) to detect wildfires at very early stage. AIRWINGS provides accurate and reliable incident information promptly. Data comes from sensors, cameras, meteorological stations, open data, satellite, and drones, forecasting fire danger and sending early warnings for potential incidents. The solution has been successfully deployed detecting fires in municipalities in Greece. The discussion closed with a call to action to leverage this technology to mitigate the devastating effects of wildfires on the environment, wildlife, and human life as well as the economy.

WINGS ICT Solutions holds a strong belief that the era of 5G and beyond will usher in groundbreaking applications across various sectors. We also envision promising prospects in the realm of smart cities, which can provide optimized services in areas like health, education, transportation, energy, water, and more. Furthermore, we foresee advancements in smart manufacturing through private networks, as well as innovations in agriculture and aquaculture.

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