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Published on 26/07/2022

ARTEMIS is the product of WINGS that is oriented to the proactive management of water, energy, gas infrastructures.

Based on the WINGS approach, it combines advanced technologies (IoT, AI, advanced networks and visualizations) with domain knowledge, to address diverse use cases: efficient metering (24/7, secure), optimizations (e.g., maximization of revenue water, of share of renewables in energy mix, and others), fault management (meters and network infrastructure, water quality, etc.), security (cyber and physical).

So far, considerable traction has been achieved, while further interest is attracted from various areas.

A wave of new projects related to ARTEMIS activities is about to start; these activities will empower European stakeholders to expand their competences and to compete and scale at a global level. Project ELEXIA (101075656) will deliver technologies for proactively managing multiple energy sources and sinks, in order to optimize the efficiency and the resilience of the energy network; offshore renewable energy generation will be in the picture.

Project NINFA (101081865) will deliver advanced functionality for managing and guaranteeing the water quality.

Project SEDIMARK (101070074 ) will work on data marketplaces to enable optimizations of the infrastructure and of the customer experience.

Stay tuned for more news. #renewables, #sustainability, #climatechange, #energy, #AI, #IoT, #cybersecurity.

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