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Published on 27/07/2022

The WINGSChariot platform is being developed to address selected needs of the logistics sector and of industry 4.0. AGV-powered warehouse operations, reliable and safe goods transfer in “corridors”, and focused optimization on storage / order management / goods distribution are currently offered. WINGSPARK is becoming a platform for the proactive management of transportation infrastructures and for advanced mobility services. Excited and proud to be starting a set of new Horizon Europe projects, which will help in pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible in industry 4.0 and logistics, and will enhance the competences of European stakeholders. Flexi-Cross (10107387) will power new features and use cases for efficient and most secure border crossing. AI-Prism (101058589) will boost the intelligence and efficiency of industries, e.g., in the dispatching of orders from factories. For-Freight (101069731) will deliver new technologies for enhancing the efficiency of multimodal transport of freight and people. Augmented CCAM (101069717) will deliver, among others, algorithms and protocols for managing parking slots dedicated to logistics operations. Nephele (101070487) will enhance the efficiency in the management of vehicles and resources in industrial, logistics, and port operations. Stay tuned for further developments. #Logistics, #Transportation, #CCAM, #IoT, #AI, #5G, #Cybersecurity

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