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Published on 16/03/2023

Exciting news for AIRWINGS, the product for Environment and Citizen Protection / Air quality management & STARLIT, the product for proactive management of health and wellness.

The WINGS STARLIT platform for digital health and wellness is being enriched with more features. STARLIT will now offer personalized health insights linked also to air quality information from the AIRWINGS solution for air quality monitoring and management. WINGS is participating in the EDIAQI and MISTRAL projects that focus on an interdisciplinary, data-driven approach to enhance guidelines and awareness for improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Europe and beyond, with a strong focus on patients with asthma and especially sensitive groups of pre-school and school children with a high risk of asthma.

WINGS will implement the most suitable solutions to characterize indoor air pollution and to estimate concentration levels thereof with user-friendly technologies, through AIRWINGS, an innovative device which contains sensors that have the capability to measure all air substances that the EU directive has set as pollutants that need to be monitored indoors and outdoors. The AIRWINGS device can communicate with a cloud platform, where the user will be able to get all vital information regarding real-time air quality measurements on each of the measured parameters. These air quality measurements will be then further analysed by mechanisms algorithms for asthma management that will enhance the STARLIT suite.

The success of this project is a testament to the expertise and dedication of our team. We are proud to have been part of these groundbreaking projects and look forward to continuing to deliver innovative solutions.

Join us in this exciting journey to advance IAQ and asthma management through innovative technologies and interdisciplinary collaborations. #Airwings #Starlit #EDIAQI #MISTRAL #IndoorAirQuality #AsthmaManagement #InterdisciplinaryCollaborations

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