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Published on 27/04/2023

Our ARTEMIS product utilizes IoT, 5G, and AI to proactively manage water infrastructure and services, providing communities and organizations worldwide with effective water resource management. Currently, we are implementing new projects for ARTEMIS, in both southern and northern Greece to address the irrigation sector’s needs.

To achieve advanced irrigation management in rural areas, we deploy innovative devices such as sensors, meters, and gateways, alongside software such as a cloud platform, artificial intelligence, and robust algorithms. These components enable features such as real-time monitoring, virtual zones, user management and payments, and integration with weather/soil sensors and water/energy meters.

ARTEMIS-Irrigation solution offers efficient and enhanced irrigation services, fulfilling multiple objectives, including planned revenue flow based on water consumption, significant savings in water resources due to reduced waste, direct recording of water consumption per irrigation site and season, alerts for potential leaks, significant reduction in electricity consumption of pumping stations, and cost savings for maintenance and upgrades.

Overall, ARTEMIS-Irrigation is the optimal solution for reliable irrigation services.

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