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Published on 03/07/2023

#STARLIT: The WINGS ICT Solutions platform for health and wellness is extended with features that will be powered by next generation of wireless networks.

Wireless Beyond 5G (B5G) / 6G will enable diverse application features, in various enterprise and consumer sectors.
One such example is massive twinning.

In the light of this aspect, STARLIT, through the project TrialsNet, will be extended in two main directions.

First, massive twinning will enable the transfer of a larger volume of information, more frequently, so as to move towards the “faster and accurate” twinning.

Moreover, TrialsNet pushes the envelop of what is currently possible; advanced AI for addressing triage situations developed and will be enabled by B5G / 6G. These consist of the following: (a) accurate / sensitive video analytics (e.g., drone / robotic based) for assessing the situation; (b) routing of first responders for equipping those in need (e.g., victims) with wearables, which in turn will deliver an accurate picture to the medical personnel which will be remotely placed.
See related video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb5lppt0nUc
Stay tuned for further advances.


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