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Published on 01/09/2022

WINGS – ARTEMIS – proactive management of energy, water, gas utilities. With great excitement we participate to the “Towards the Interoperable energy ecosystem of the future” the event organized by the InterConnect project under the scope of the Sustainable Energy Week – an initiative promoted by the European Commission. The event gathers different stakeholders working together to digitalize the European electric sector. Representatives from the two Directorate-General of the EC directly involved in the project – DG ENER and DG Connect – will take part in the event to discuss the alignment of the new technologies and services, which are being promoted and developed by InterConnect project, with the goals of the EC. WINGS is partner in  the Interconnect project,  in which we demonstrate AI algorithms for understanding energy demand, and for taking intelligence decisions, for making the satisfaction of the demand more green and cost efficient. Nowadays, it is essential to shift from fossil to greener energy and cost savings. ARTEMIS platform is developed and expanded through our participation in InterConnect project with extra features for enabling automated processing of energy measurements and providing analytics and recommendation services. The main goal of such services is to provide operators and consumers with extra insights for achieving eco-friendliness and cost efficiency by using ARTEMIS. All these aspects are offered through a user-friendly graphical interface and will be showcased during the event.

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