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Published on 21/03/2023

We are proud to share the interview of our Co-founder and Technology Development Specialist, Panagiotis Demestichas, at metaforespress.gr, sharing his insights into how technology is transforming the freight transport, the warehousing industries, and people mobility.

As the global logistics landscape evolves, technology has become a key driver of innovation and growth, οur latest innovative solution, WINGSChariot, is designed for logistics and industry 4.0 applications. WINGSChariot is an end-to-end logistics management platform that enables the optimization of warehouses, based on robotics, and 5G-corridor operations, based on the WINGS OBU. This platform is perfect for businesses that are looking to streamline their logistics processes, increase efficiency and improve overall performance. Our solution is designed to help businesses overcome the challenges of managing complex logistics operations, and we are confident that it will provide the necessary tools to help businesses achieve their goals.

In parallel, in the area of transportation of people, WINGSPARK is developed and enhanced with advanced features for managing road infrastructures, stations, parking as well as passenger mobility. The suite leverages on video and other analytics, to deliver intelligence, safety, and enhanced experience.

We believe that WINGSChariot and WINGSPARK are game-changers for the mobility of freight and people, and we are excited to share their benefits with you. See related interview: https://lnkd.in/djuTtB5n

Moreover, the interview sheds some light by touching upon the other WINGS solutions : AIRWINGS for air quality (outdoor / indoor, in production and manufacturing), civil and environment protection (fire protection); ARTEMIS for the proactive management of utilities (energy, water, gas infrastructures); AQUAWINGS for sustainable and effective aquaculture; AGNES for sustainable agriculture and food safety; STARLIT for health.

Stay tuned for more updates on all our initiatives!

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