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Published on 23/03/2023

We are honored and excited to announce that our Co-founder and Technology Development Specialist, Panagiotis Demestichas, will be making a special appearance on “Time of Greece” («Ώρα Ελλάδος») the morning-news TV show with Dimitris Kambourakis and Panagiotis Stathis, of OPEN TV, on Friday 24/3 at 09:45!

Mr. Demestichas has been invited to share, with the general public, elements of the expertise developed by WINGS ICT Solutions regarding smart cities, advanced technologies and applications.

Eager to discuss on solutions for: air quality (outdoor / indoor, in production and manufacturing), civil and environment protection (fire protection); the proactive management of utilities (energy, water, gas); the management of transport infrastructures; for sustainable and effective aquaculture; health and wellness; production, manufacturing and logistics.

Tune in to OPEN TV to gain valuable insights into the digital transformation landscape. Be sure to follow our LinkedIn page for updates on our activities. We look forward to sharing this special moment with you all! #smartcities#technology#health#management#utilities#quality#digitaltransformation#tvshow

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