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Published on 23/06/2023

WINGS ICT Solutions Co-founder and Technology Development Specialist had the opportunity to be interviewed during the Smart City Expo 2023- Smart Cities – SCDC2023 (e-expo.gr). As a leading figure in the smart city solutions industry, Panagiotis Demestichas shared insights into our groundbreaking solutions that are shaping the future of urban development.

During the interview, discussed how our innovative technologies and strategies are forming urban environments. With a focus on creating sustainable, connected, and intelligent cities, WINGS ICT Solutions is using cutting-edge technology, leveraging on advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analytics, to implement products for various technology sectors such as: (1) AIRWINGS for air quality (outdoor / indoor, in production and manufacturing), civil and environment protection (fire protection); (2) ARTEMIS for the proactive management of utilities (energy, water, gas infrastructures); (3) WINGSPARK for advanced mobility services and for the management of transport infrastructures; (4) AQUAWINGS for sustainable and effective aquaculture; (5) AGNES for sustainable agriculture and food safety; (6) WINGSChariot for logistics and industry 4.0/5.0 applications; (7) STARLIT for health.

Moreover, he referred to the first versions of our overarching smart city platform, which we are launching with the name WINGSCity, which will be encompassing several of our products, as well as selected third party applications!

The interview showcased our commitment to innovation and our relentless pursuit of excellence in the smart city domain. We were honored to share our vision and expertise with the audience, see related link: https://youtu.be/RExSEJX7RPo

We would also like to thank the Smart City Expo organizers, Teamworks, for the exceptional exhibition able to connect with industry leaders, policymakers, and technology enthusiasts.


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