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Published on 14/06/2023

WINGS ICT Solutions develops hi-tech solutions for vertical sectors and for consumer applications.
One of our driving principles is: world-class R&D, local footprint, global scaling. In this respect, we are honoured to have

It was an inspiring and intense program, most valuable for companies, like WINGS ICT Solutions, towards international scaling and growth, with emphasis in the US areas (especially, Silicon Valley). Profound thanks for the mind-changing talks by Alfredo Coppola and Chris Burry, which were full of messages that we will convey for the rest of our lives. We will do our best to make the most of what we learned.

Hard work lies ahead for the team. Our aquaculture product #AQUAWINGS will spear-head our efforts towards US, without neglecting our further product lines: air quality – environment protection – wildfire combatting, energy / water management, transportation management, agriculture, industry 4.0 and logistics, health and wellness.

Stay tuned!

Once again and above all: thanks to Enterprise Greece and to US-mac.


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