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Published on 19/10/2023

WINGS ICT Solutions will participate in the Emerging Tech Conference Edge Intelligence (ETCEI) 2023 organised by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and HETiA, with a presentation of results in lecture of the scientific paper “Intelligence Functions Placement in B5G / 6G wireless networks”. The authors of this paper are Vasiliki Lamprousi, Sokratis Barmpounakis, Vera Stavroulaki and Panagiotis Demestichas.

This work was supported by the European Union H2020 Project DEDICAT 6G. The scientific paper is about the intelligence functions placement problem for distributing the intelligence/functionality to the various network nodes (edge, core nodes, robotic units etc.). This study takes into consideration the transmission delay, the power consumption and the various capabilities and requirements of the robotic units and tasks among others.
This paper presents the description of the problem along with the description of the solution approach and some main results with a discussion on the proactive and dynamic placement of the intelligence functions.


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