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Published on 20/10/2023

WINGS ICT Solutions always at the forefront of technology and of respective innovations is honoured to have participated in the International Conference on 6G Networking (18-20 October, Paris, France) with a demonstration on its Beyond 5G/6G-powered, Resilient Manufacturing capabilities and Collaborative Robots.
Our team showcased how resilience, trustworthiness and extreme performance can be achieved leveraging advanced technologies such as B5G/6G, AI/ML for predictive fault identification and intelligent functionality placement, Digital Twin and XR for immersive experiences.
In collaboration with NOKIA France, that supported the demo with their Monitoring-as-a-Service innovation, we received great feedback and interest from the attendees.
Stay tuned for the novel, forthcoming features that we will soon present on resilient, trustworthy manufacturing and warehouse logistics operations, powered by B5G/6G-enabled robotics.

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