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Published on 14/12/2023

WINGS Founder and Chairman of the BoD, Mr. Panagiotis Demestichas, delivered a speech titled “Applications for the 5G-era and beyond”.

Mr. Demestichas spotlighted WINGS’ Solutions Approach across four Application Groups, which leverage on advanced wireless (5G and beyond), AI, robotics, IoT. The following groups were addressed.:

1. Environment Protection: Wildfires through the AIRWINGSplus Solution

2. Industry & Logistics: WINGSChariot/WINGSFactory – Products catering to logistics and manufacturing needs (Industry 4.0).

3. Smart Cities Infrastructures, encompassing smart buildings, water, energy, citizens’ health:

4. Agriculture/Aquaculture

This year, the conference was at the crossroads of the past, the present, and the future, as it marks 30 years of mobile telephony in Greece, as well as 25 years of the InfoCom World Conference! Additionally, it was dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI World), showcasing its most significant aspects, the value of its applications, and the impact it now has on all vertical markets.

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