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Published on 06/07/2023

We are excited to announce the beginning of DELPHI project (feDerated nEtwork of pLatforms for Passenger and freigHt Intermodality – HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02-05), participating with the role of the project’s Technical Coordinator, as well as the WP5 leader, on Demonstration activities.

DELPHI, comprising a multidisciplinary consortium of 17 European partners, will deliver the enablers -both on technical and governance/regulatory level, towards a Federated Network of Platforms for green, multimodal passenger and freight transport.

Leveraging and further evolving WINGS’ portfolio for Logistics, Transportation Infrastructure monitoring, and Environmental monitoring solutions (WINGSChariot, WINGSPARK, AIRWINGS), as well as advanced AI/ML-drive optimisation assets, we look forward towards developing and demonstrating advanced integrated passenger and freight solutions in the context of 2 out of the 4 DELPHI demonstrations (one in the Attica region with the participation of Attica Tollway – Attiki Odos and Attica Subway, and one on the islands of Mykonos, with the participation of KTEL Mykonou).

Reduced CO2 and noise emissions, optimised passenger flows, as well as reduced freight delivery times in urban areas, will be some of the key outcomes towards greener, safer and more sustainable transport of people and goods!

Stay tuned!

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